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About Flute Finders

Flute Finders was started to help professional and developing flutists to find high quality new and used flutes. Since 1979, Flute Finders has placed over a million dollars worth of flutes in the hands of professional flutists and serious flute students from all over the country. Most of these sales came from the referrals of teachers, professionals and satisfied customers.

Flute Finders is an authorized dealer for new Muramatsu flutes, assisting flutists to purchase a new professional flute with a trial period before purchasing the instrument.

Flute Finders is a broker of professional flutes, taking them on consignment and selling them for the owner. The owner pays Flute Finders a commission for making the sale. Because of the rapid turnover of flutes in Flute Finder's inventory, we do not publish a list of flutes available. Instead, we ask you to let us know about the flute you would like, and if we don't have it immediately available, we try to locate it for you.

We normally stock a number of classic French Flutes by makers such as Louis Lot, Bonneville, Labret, Thibouville, Cabart, Malerene, LaMaire, and Cousenon, along with Italian flutes by Vanotti, and Barlassina & Billorno. Most of these flutes are very playable at A=440. Some are sterling and others are plated, open or closed hole, B or C foot. Inquire if you are interested.

Flute Finders does not have beginner student flutes available. Occasionally, we have flutes in the $1,000.00 or just under range, but our average sales price is $3,000.00 or more.

Whether you're interested in buying or selling a flute, Flute Finders wants to be of service to you.

If you would like us to contact you, click here.

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Flute Finders
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