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Consignment Agreement

If you are selling a flute and would like help, please complete this form and Flute Finders will assist you. You may set the sales price or Flute Finders will assist you. No offer for a lesser amount will be accepted by Flute Finders without your approval.

Because Flute Finders does not like to show a flute that is not in the best of repair, an evaluation will be made of the condition of your instrument and you will be advised of repairs recommended and the cost of these repairs. Flute Finders will pay for the repairs and deduct them from the sales price. You may ask for your flute back at any time, but you agree to pay for any repairs that were approved by you.

Upon the sale of your flute, Flute Finders will keep a commission of 15 percent or $150, whichever is greater, and pay you the balance, less any repairs approved by you.

Flute Finders agrees to be fully responsible for the flute from the time it takes possession of the instrument and will either return it to the owner, upon request--10 day notification, in as good of condition as it is now received, or pay the agreed price, less commission, and approved repairs. Flute Finders agrees to provide sales/marketing services of the consigned property described below for the Owner, to include trials and demonstrations, and all shipping and handling costs incurred in demonstrations. The consignment property is fully insured while in the possession of Flute Finders, during transit to/from demonstrations and during any demonstration or trial periods.

Flute Finders maintains a Musical Instrument Dealers Policy written by Travelers Property & Casualty Co. of America, policy number QT6609682A786TIL that insures your flute from the time Flute Finders receives it.

The “Owner” agrees to consign to Flute Finders the property described below. The Owner guarantees to Flute Finders that the property described below is free of any liens and/or encumbrances, and that the Owner has complete and free title or ownership, and all rights to sell the property. Owner agrees that any verbal or phone authorizations for repairs and/or reduction in sales price become a part of this agreement.

Consignment Agreement.pdf

(Printable agreement available in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click here to download it, or fill in the form below.

Owners Name:__________________

Street Address:__________________________________________

City:__________________________ State:_____ Zip:__________


Brand of Flute/Piccolo:___________ Serial Number:________ Model:________

Sales Price (You want to receive after commission):_____________

Description: _______________________________________

Received by: _______________________________________

Robert C. Frymire Date

Terms are agreed to by (seller): _______________________________________

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